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As you can see in a simple real life example how a woman started her acting career at 88 and at 92 starred in an award winning movie ‘Black Panther’.

We are combining our professional video production with your acting skills to recreate a piece of your favorite movie or even to create something unique, as we love to do at INFINITYCINEMA.NET, and to be pushed out to the world.

Our goal is to produce award winning movies in collaboration with companies like NETFLIX, AMAZON, SONY PICTURES, PARAMOUNT, UNIVERSAL, DISNEY...

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Dorothy Steel, 92, plays a merchant tribal elder in superhero film "Black Panther."

Actress, Grandmother And Wakanda Elder: Atlanta Woman, 92, Gets Big Break In 'Black Panther'


She started acting at 88. Four years later, she is recognized on the streets.

Dorothy Steel, 92, might not have auditioned for the superhero movie "Black Panther" if her grandson hadn't told her what a game-changer the film would be for Hollywood and could be for her.

But her grandson persuaded her to give it a go. She got the part. Now, millions have seen her advise T'Challa, Black Panther and king of Wakanda, as a merchant tribal elder. And she only started acting a few years ago.

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We offer a real life experience that consist of:

• Pre-production - where we discuss what we want and how we want it
• 1 day of Production - where we are filming you in action
• Editing the footage
• VFX and CGI works up to 1 minute
• Music tracks and sound effects
• Green screen studio
• Training and coaching on set
• Adding the edits to your Showreel
• A personal web page on our site with the Showreel, pictures, links and bio

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